Pet Portraits by Deena

What They're Saying

"Have to tell you, Deena, both Bill and I are so happy with both of the paintings.  Bill likes the one of "The Boys" because it looks like they are jumping right out at you and loves their expressions.  And then there is our beautiful Buffy right next to them.  Thank you again." S.E. in Virginia

"You have captured the sweetness of my special girl so perfectly!  Thank you so much, Deena.  This painting means the world to me!  I will treasure it always. Working with you was a pleasure and I appreciate your willingness to work with me."  S.H. in California

"It's perfect!  It made me tear up - his sweet little face is just precious." B.L. in Texas

"Gosh, Deena, it looks great!"  C.J. in Texas

"Oh, Deena, you have captured him!  I don't know how to thank you enough. I love it."  P.M. in Kansas

"Thank you for a beautiful memento of our beautiful corgi."  P.H. in Texas

"Oh, Deena, you did an awesome job painting Precious!  She looks stunning!  I am so proud of it!  What a wonderful way to preserve memories of our wonderful furry companions!" T.K. in Texas

"Thank you so much for the amazing painting of Baubles. I love it.  I especially liked that his tongue was sticking out as it always did.  We are getting it framed and it will soon be hanging in my room."  M.P. in California

"I received my portrait today. I am speechless. Deena has captured the true essence of "Texas"; The love, the sweetness, the intelligence, his beautiful corgi smile. His eyes are looking straight to my heart and our "connection" is there.  I've wanted a portrait of my Soul Mate for a long time but never trusted other artists to capture him. Knowing Dakota and seeing her portrait assured me you understood what was special about corgis and painted it with your heart.  Thank you a thousand times over."  K.M. in Idaho

"Our entire family just loves the portrait of Clancy, that handsome Havanese!  I gave the portrait to my son and his family for his birthday, and they couldn't be more've captured his sweetness, his intelligence and that hint of playfulness that he always has in his eyes.  Clancy's portrait is framed and displayed proudly and prominently. Thank you so much for making our family so happy!" B.A. in New York

"There are no words for my joy (and tears, of course), when I opened up my portrait of Dugan.  You do have a gift, Deena!  Have a wonderful day today - you have definitely made mine!  Thank you again!" C.B. in Montana

"You've  hit another home run with this one!  How totally awesome! I LOVE the sky behind him.  His mom will always treasure this portrait!  You can see his wonderful spirit just jump from the canvas!" L.B. in California

"What a wonderful portrait of Buffy!  Deena does such a fantastic job of capturing the spirit and essence in her paintings!  Now if I could make up my mind on what pictures to send her of Llyr"  A.D.

"Wow!!  What a beautiful painting of Zoe!!!!  She is thrilled....and so am I.  (I especially like that it has her tongue hanging out.  That is her pose, for sure.) Thank you so much.  It will get a place of honor....
Now Zoe is absolutely certain that she is a star....who knows what special treats she will want!!" S.W. in Massachusetts

"I got my painting yesterday and it looks fantastic! Thank you!!!" T.D. in Washington

"Just wanted to let you know that I got the portrait and I absolutely love it!  Thank you so much, I already showed it to my family and friends and they love it as well!"  A.H. in Texas

"We received the portraits today.  We LOVE them!  Thank you so much.  I can't wait to get them framed!" E.S. in California

"Peaches' portrait arrived today.  It is great!  I can't wait to see my brother's reaction when he sees it!  He will be very surprised and pleased. What an awesome gift for a special birthday!  Thank you again.  You are so talented....I know he will be very touched to have a portrait of his own special girl".  T.K. in Texas

"I am so thrilled with my portraits from Deena!  I smile and cry when I look at the one of Llyr in his cart - he was so happy!  Deena, I cannot thank you enough for capturing Llyr and Gwennan so perfectly.  I will cherish them forever!"  A.D. in Pennsylvania

"I got the portrait today and the painting is absolutely stunning!  Thanks so much for nice work.  I'm sure my friend will be amazed!"  J.W. in Ontario, Canada

"We received the portrait and it is beautiful!  Thank you so much!!!.  The colors are great." A.B. in Idaho

"We received the portrait.  Wilson and Ginger look great."  B.R. in Colorado

"Deena, your work is  a precious gift. Your work just shows your understanding of your subjects.I gave Bear's little bio so you would how you truly captured him. You can tell from your portraits that you love what you do and share your light with others who love their pets." P.F. in Alabama

"Hiroki's portrait arrived and it's wonderful.  Ron loved it too.  Now I can't wait till Christmas for my daughter to open it.  She's going to flip over it!" D.B. in California

"J. Loved Peaches' portrait!  He said, Sis, your friend is an excellent painter, she did a great job!  It looks just like Peach!" T.K. in Texas

"Just wanted to let you know Billy arrived today.  Breathtaking!  Brought tears to my eyes, I felt he was looking right back at me.  It's been an absolute pleasure working with you, and I feel, in a way, you gave our boy new life. Thanks so very much." R.J. in Massachusetts  Follow up:  "Just wanted to tell you that Billy was an enormous hit yesterday morning (Christmas).  My parents adore the portrait. There were plenty of tears."

"I just received Sue Ellen's portrait today...thank you so much! It looks fantastic and I know my mom will love it!"  B.T. in Vancouver, B.C.

"You did a fabulous job on Flip's portrait!  It's beautiful!  You really captured his spirit and I love it!  The fur and the eyes are absolutely perfect and I love the shade of green you chose for the background.  Thank you so much!  I can't wait to get it framed and mounted on the wall!"  C.F. in Seattle

"We LOVE it!  You caught her essence...the little princess.  Thanks so much for painting her. She could never look better." R.B. in Maryland

"I just got the portrait of Beckett - it is beautiful!!!  It looks just like him!  Thank you so much!" V.A. in Ohio

"Deena, I just  got home and the portrait is here!  You did an awesome job!  Thank you!  Hayley is so beautiful and you captured  her perfectly!" M.W. in Kentucky

"The portrait of Zhara arrived and it GORGEOUS! The photo does not do it justice!  Unique and vibrant, super fun and interesting.  Thanks so much!" M.P. in California

"Wow!  It looks just like her.  You've captured her smile!  I love it!"  L.W. in California

"Oh my doggies!  I got Sadie's painting in the mail today. And we LOVE IT!  Thank you so much.  I have seen some portraits and they really look nothing like what the dog actually looks like.  You captured Sadie and I thank you!" L.G. in Michigan

"I got the portrait framed and it's in the place of honor in my house.  I can't tell you how much I love it and I am so happy to have it.  You did a great job capturing all three of my dogs.  Thank you so much!" J.A. in Texas

"I received the portrait of Dotti!  What a beautiful job you did capturing her likeness!  Thank you!"  M.E. in Connecticut

"She's perfect!  We all think you got her just spot on.  I gave Chelsea's portrait to my aunt tonight.  She was absolutely shocked and thrilled. She said she wanted to reach out and pat her, she looked so like her real girl. She couldn't take her teary eyes off her.  Thank you so much, yet again!" R.J. in Massachusetts

"I received the portrait yesterday.  It came out great!  I love it and can't wait to give it to my friend.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone interested in have a portrait done of their animal buddy."  T.P. in Massachusetts

"Just wanted to say hello.  I think of you often as I continue to enjoy the portrait of Bear.  Last night I looked at him and h e had the exact expression as you painted.  As I commented to you, your feeling for animals shows and translates on the canvas.  Just wanted to let you know how much I am still loving my portrait of my wonderful Bear.  thanks again - and keep making people who love their pets happy." P.F. in Alabama

"I gave my aunt the painting and it brought tears to her eyes.  She said it is perfect and she loves it very much.  Thank you again so very much for bringing some comfort to her.  That cat was her 'heart cat'." B.L. in Texas

"Oh, it's fantastic!  A great painting, again, from you."  E.H. in California

"It's perfect!  It's everything I hoped it would be.  I was moved to tears.  I cannot wait to present it to his owners.  Thank you so much!"  B.L. in Texas

"The portrait just arrived!  It's beautiful, and I'm sure Auntie will be SO pleased!  Thanks SO much, you do a great job!" A.B. in Idaho

"Thank you so much for the wonderful painting of my sweet Wrigley.  What a great surprise.  We will always cherish this gorgeous artwork.  Thank you so myuch!"  W.B. in Texas

"The portrait came today.  One word for it: Perfect!!!  I've always been so impressed by your paintings and how well you catch the essence of the subject.  Thanks so much!."  L.M. in Washington

"I just wanted to let you know that Callie Rose's portrait arrived in Atlanta yesterday, and Auntie called us last night.  She said she had a good cry, but she just loves it!  She said to thank you very much!! She thinks you are very talented.  A.B. in Idaho

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